Genql changelog

New features and fixes will be reported here

7 months ago
Union types were always defined in the query selection

10 months ago
Genql now generates response types with the null type, improving interoperability with other tools

11 months ago
  • Fixed remaining TypeScript imports with svelte
  • Added ts-nocheck on generated files
  • Use as instead of < syntax in generated files

1 year ago
Use import type to make runtime work with Svelte

1 year ago
The first type of a schema was not generated in the types.ts file so the client was failing at runtime.

1 year ago
Cli was failing on Node 16 and lower because the package undici was missing.

1 year ago now has a directory of pre generated TypeScript SDKs. In the future it will contain all public APIs i can find.
If you want to submit a new API open an issue at

1 year ago
Version 3.0.0 had invalid files in npm that made the cli crash.

1 year ago

Breaking changes

  1. Upgraded to graphql 16
  1. Generated code has no dependencies (No longer need to install @genql/runtime or graphql)
  1. Only generates typescript files, these should work with Node, Deno, Bun, Cloudflare workers and any other environment
  1. If you need to use Node 16 and lower (where global fetch is not available) you will need to pass a fetch prop to createClient
  1. To pass arguments there is a new __args prop instead of an array, this makes it easier to refactor code and type the query (there is also no need to use as const to have the right typescript inference)
  1. Removed the subscription client (will be reintroduced later as a separate import to make tree shaking more efficient)
  1. Removed chain syntax, this removes a lot of typescript code making inference faster
  1. Client now throws GenqlError with errors and data fields with the server returned errors
  1. Renamed Request types to GenqlSelection to prevent conflicts with existing types

Other changes

  1. New website redesign at
  1. New docs website made with Notaku
  1. New changelog website
  1. New directory of pre made clients for popular GraphQl APIs:

1 year ago
We are now using Notaku for the changelog website.
The content is managed in a Notion database, Notaku publishes the website on a custom domain using Notion as a CMS.
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